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Everyday Info
PRINCIPAL: Christopher Moretti
LEAD TEACHER: Keri Snowden
Grades K-4: 9:05 AM - 3:37 PM
Early Dismissal:
9:05 AM - 1:37 PM 
  Delayed Opening:
11:05 AM - 3:37 PM
 203-426-7666, Press 1
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Bus Drop-Off Procedure/Waiver

Below is the K-4 Bus Drop-Off Procedure approved by the Newtown Public Schools Board of Education on September 4, 2012:

Students in kindergarten through grade four should be met at the bus stop by a parent, other known adult, or older sibling.  If no parent, other known adult, or older sibling is at the bus stop, children will be transported back to their home schools.  Parents will be contacted to pick students up at the school office.  If a family so chooses, they may sign a waiver allowing their first through fourth grade children to disembark from the bus even if no adult is there to meet the children.

Click here for the waiver: Drop-Off Waiver

Kindergarten students are not eligible for the waiver.  They will not be dropped off unless they are met by a parent, other known adult, or older sibling.

Student Insurance Information

Student accident insurance is offered annually to each student when school begins, however, coverage may be purchased at anytime during the year and will be effective from the date of receipt.  Currently this coverage is administered by Colonna Insurance Services, LLC. and is underwritten by Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance Co.  For more information and to access the 2014-2015 Brochure and application form click the link and use access code: 994B."

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Sketchbook Fun for Hawley Artists

Calling all sketchers, doodlers, & dabblers: Have a wonderful April vacation and keep your sketchbooks handy. Record the places you go and things you do, or try some of these sketchbook ideas:

Window Frame Sketch
Choose a window in your home that frames a favorite view of your yard. You may include the window in your 
sketch, or simply draw the scene within. Include a horizon line, to indicate where the ground appears to meet the 
sky within the composition, then sketch what you see: trees, rocks, fences, a bird house, shed, etc. Try recording 
this view through a quick sketch every day, and watch how it changes as Spring unfolds.

Experiment with time. Set a timer for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 2 minutes. Choose a favorite quick sketch and 
develop it into a finished drawing by adding shading and color. Try using line in different ways to show the texture.

Continuous Line Drawing 
Touch you pencil point to the paper.
Draw what you see.
Do not pick up the pencil or stop moving until the drawing is complete.
You may double back or trace over lines to move around the page, so long as you don’t break the line.
This is a great drawing game, and a effective warm up for your drawing muscles.

Blind Contour Drawing 
Try creating a basic outline or contour drawing of what you see without looking at your paper.
Stare at your subject and focus on how shapes fit together to make up the objects in your composition.
Practice, and you will become quite good at this. Amaze your family and friends!

Zoom In Sketch
Choose a small object with an interesting texture: a leaf, an acorn, a fern, or flower.
Draw the object so that it fills your page, using the space to focus on the details.
Experiment with using different kinds of lines and overlapping lines in your composition. 
Zoom in even farther, and fill the page with just a section of the object. 

Bug’s Eye View
Imagine your yard from an insect’s perspective. What if individual blades of grass, clover, dandelions, etc. 
all formed part of an enormous jungle with you at the center. What would the jungle look like?
What other creatures might you meet? 

Still Life
Design a still life arrangement on your kitchen table. Vases or pitchers of flowers and bowls of fruit and/or 
vegetables make excellent subjects if you have permission to use them. Ask your brothers/sisters/parents/friends
to draw with you. Each person draws the still life as it appears from where he or she is sitting. Rotate chairs and
draw the arrangement from different points of view. Choose your favorite sketch and turn it into a color drawing 
or painting. Remember works of art make wonderful gifts. 

Traveling Artist
Choose a photo from a favorite vacation as an inspiration for a lanscape sketch: beach, woods, mountains...
Take your sketchbook along on car trips, hikes, to sporting events where you can sketch from the sidelines. 
Quick sketches can serve as the inspiration for larger, more detailed drawings and paintings later. 
Sketchbooks are also useful for writing down ideas for future projects.

Hawley Loves to Read Week

Red Hats: All the Rage
We feel lucky and honored to be welcoming author and illustrator, Lita Judge, to our school on Thursday, May 14th. In celebration of Hawley Loves to Read week and this author visit, we are challenging the Hawley community to think RED this April vacation.  Judge’s critically acclaimed book, The Red Hat, is about a team of baby animals that borrow a young girl’s hat (off her clothes line) and embarks on adventures, only to bring back the hat as one long piece of red string! So, during the April vacation and any time before or after, leading up to her visit, we ask that you take a picture while out and about, wearing a red hat. Then, send in the pic to Mrs. Hossler or Mrs. Wasley. We will post the pics online and/or around the building.

Newtown Summer Adventure Program

Spirit Fridays Are Here!

Hawley Spirit Fridays are here!

March 27th-May 1st

Get ready to dress up to show your school spirit!

Friday, March 27th - Crazy hair day

Friday, April 10th - Hawley wear day

Friday, April 24th - Your choice: dress up fancy or mismatch your outfit

Friday, may 1st - Hawaiian beach day

*no bathing suits, please

Join the fun and show your Hawley spirit!


From Our Student Scrapbook
How To in 1st Grade
Finished Product 1st Grade
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Fire Prevention
Halloween in K
Second Step
photo 2 (1)
Mr. Moretti in K
Mrs. Hiruo's Birthday
Second Step in 1st Grade
4th grade


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