Hawley PTA

Geography Program

(Unite the States)

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Dear Hawley 3rd and 4th grade families,

Welcome!  Hawley PTA, in partnership with teachers and administrators, is pleased to provide the geography enrichment program, Unite the States, for your child!  It’s fun, it’s free and every child in 3rd and 4th grade is encouraged to participate.

How it works….Each month, you and your child should consult the Hawley School website (http://newtown.hawley.schooldesk.net/) and follow the links (Parents, PTA, Student Enrichment, Geography Program) for the schedule of tests and test dates.   There you will also find blank tests to print and practice on as well as study guides.  Approximately once a month, teachers will administer map “tests” at school.  These maps are exactly the same as the “practice” maps.   If they master the map they can move on to the next map.  If not, they will re-do the map in the next month.

It’s important to remember that scores on the Geography tests do not affect your child’s grades and will not appear on their report cards.  However, as part of the district-wide Geography Program, Hawley’s Unite the States Geography Program prepares our students for success in geography in future grades. It is also a great opportunity for families to discuss personal connections with places around our country and around the world.  Support and encouragement from you can make this a great learning experience for the whole family.

The first test will be administered by teachers the week of October 16, 2017.  Attached is the study guide and practice test to get you started.  Remember, in the future you will need to consult the Hawley website to print your own practice tests and study guides.

Thank you for your support with this great enrichment program!


Allison Boughan

[email protected]

Hawley PTA Geography Program Coordinator

Test Schedule
Tests will be administered during the weeks listed below. 
Please consult your child's most recently returned test
to determine which one will be administered next.

Test #

 3rd Grade

4th Grade

Test #1

East Coast States
[Study Guide]  [Practice Test]

50 States
[Study Guide]  [Practice Test]
Test #2 Eastern States
[Study Guide]  [Practice Test]
Bodies of Water
[Study Guide]  [Practice Test]
Test #3 Mid Western States
[Study Guide]  [Practice Test]
Continents, Oceans, & Seas
[Study Guide]  [Practice Test]
Test #4 Western States
[Study Guide]  [Practice Test]
Mountains & Canadian Provinces
[Study Guide]  [Practice Test]
Test #5 50 States
[Study Guide]  [Practice Test]
South America
[Study Guide]  [Practice Test]
Test #6
Bodies of Water
[Study Guide]  [Practice Test]

Make-Up Make-Up
Test Dates
Click here for a printable PDF with the test dates. 
Remember, you progress to the next test only after 
you pass the one you are on.

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